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What does the method that extramarital affairs investigates evidence have?

抓姦捉猴In the life, people often call the third party “lover”, “small honey”, “er nai”. There are basically three forms of the third party: one is the form of adultery which occasionally has sexual relations with the opposite sex outside marriage; Second, not in the name of husband and wife, continue to live together, stable form of cohabitation; Third, it is a bigamy in the name of husband and wife. Among these three forms, bigamy is a criminal offence and should be punished. However, “cohabitation of a spouse with another person” only bears civil legal liability. It is a legal case of divorce decided by the court, and the no-fault party can claim damages accordingly. If occasionally have sex with the opposite sex outside marriage, generally do not bear civil liability. 大陸包二奶However, if adultery causes divorce, if the no-fault party has sufficient evidence, then the other party shall assume fault liability, no-fault can properly more than some property. There is no concept of adultery or extramarital love in the marriage law. The law does not prohibit adultery; that is the moral compass. Bigamy crime is difficult to identify “husband and wife name” evidence is difficult to obtain bigamy requirements both sides are cohabitation in the name of husband and wife, must have external appearance characteristics: such as in the name of husband and wife to declare registered permanent residence, buy and rent housing, hold a wedding, as long as not in the name of husband and wife, it does not constitute bigamy. More specifically, if a husband an印尼.香港.越南,抓姦d a third person get a marriage license, this is the smoking gun; If he lives with a third party, introduces himself to the “husband and wife”, and travels and gathers in the name of husband and wife, then the testimony confirmed by his neighbors and relatives can be very effective. Hospital records also show that a man is the father of a child he fathered with a third person, but records that rely solely on a woman’s statement or no connection to the man at all are “weak”. When the husband and wife have an extramarital affair and divorce, the other party will try every means to obtain the evidence of infidelity, so as to obtain psychological comfort and maximize the property rights. As a result, detective agencies and investigation companies have sprung up. Party 離婚求償holds “capture and obtain evidence” state of mind, regardless of cost. So how much of a role does the evidence play in divorce proceedings? China’s marriage law only stipulates bigamy; Cohabitation of a married person with any other person; Domestic violence; If the maltreatment or desertion of a family member results in divorce, no fault shall be entitled to claim damages. Only one or two pictures of “sex in the bed” only that one spouse begins an affair with a third party that sex outside marriage, it is difficult to confirm their stable life together for a long time, also cannot constitute law “bigamy” or “person who has a spouse living together with others”, so the court support mental compensation claims is unlikely. Inner Mongolia private detective suggested 感情破壞that obtaining evidence for extramarital affairs has always been difficult. On the one hand, it is necessary to present evidence of extramarital affairs, and on the other hand, it is not allowed to violate the privacy of others, including a third party. Otherwise, obtaining evidence is illegal. If you break into a house and use a camera next to your bed to snap a picture of your spouse having an illicit relationship with a third party, you are more likely to be accepted by the court. Many judges now use such evidence to decide a divorce and ask the wrongdoer to pay damages to the spouse. Because catch in oneself home spouse and the third party are intimate, cannot talk about to break into other people’s house privately, so, constitute not criminal responsibility. H感情挽回owever, if you catch someone in your own bed, don’t overdo it, don’t spread the photos, and don’t insult the third party. The evidence is only used for evidence in court, and the evidence is more likely to be effective. On the contrary, if the party with a photo posted around, distribution, infringement of the third party’s right to reputation can be established. Inner Mongolia private detective remind in their home arrest evidence, to control their emotions, a little not calm may cause serious consequences. Rush private residence “catch” illegal have such a case, in divorce action, the husband has extramarital affair, the wife qian mou knows the husband is in the residence of the third party sun mou, call on oneself 3 male 3 female 6 relatives go “catch”. After br設計離婚eaking into the house of the third party, qian first took a photo of her husband and the third party sleeping in the same bed, and then, with the three men surrounded the man, qian came forward to beat the third party, and forcibly stripped her underwear, sun covered his body with a blanket, evading, feel insulted. She sued the court for an apology and 50,000 yuan for emotional distress. After hearing, the court thought that citizens enjoy the right to reputation, the dignity of citizens by the law to protect the personal dignity, qian mou investigation collection husband not loyal to his wife’s evidence is ok, but its behavior should comply with the law. Qian mou is in sun mou’s house, violated its right of personality and privacy, constituted to her mental damage第三者排除. Therefore qian mou should bear civil liability to this. Later, the evidence of arrest was not adopted by the court in the divorce proceedings. The way to obtain the evidence should be legal. Otherwise, the evidence, even if it reflects the truth of the facts, cannot be used by the court. Evidence collection in public places such as parks and theaters generally does not violate the privacy rights of others, and is likely to be adopted by the court. Because the behavior in public places lost the narrow sense of privacy, it is generally believed that it is the actor himself to give up the right to privacy. But hugging, holding hands, and kissing in public are more common than touching. These intimate photos hardly show a spouse engaged in bigamy or long-term, stable感情諮商 cohabitation with a third party. They only provide one side proof that they had an improper heterosexual relationship and proved the fault of the spouse. Collect evidence to form evidence chain more wife sees husband and opposite sex entered the abode of the other side or to guesthouse opened a room one night did not go out, can such evidence explain extramarital affair problem legally? These are only partial pieces of evidence that need to be consolidated. Therefore, the aggrieved party should collect as much indirect evidence as possible, such as some of the third party communication letters, telephone records, hotel bills, audio-visual materials, witness testimony, etc., to form a tight chain of evidence, to prove the dereliction of truth, may be more helpful t尋人查址o win the case.


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