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How to get rid of mistress scientifically

大陸包二奶Writing this article, Beijing professional private detective is written with a sense of guilt, but its existence has its significance for an ordinary marriage and family. It is not indulgent, nor is it responsible for men’s free and easy to provide convenience, just because the ordinary world in the ordinary majority, can not have too much demanding, there are too many helpless…. Well, love Beijing professional private detective do not explain. See a lot of help of the post consultation how to get rid of mistress, marriage consultation industry also has a lot of people to consult how to do. One side is small three all sorts of pester and anguish, at the same time afraid extramarital affair exposure brings to oneself each respect influence, especially marriage family break up. Some people even suffer from depression because of fear and anxiety, and it is their first wife who still suffers in the end. Some “small three” know yourself in when small three, but they can not resist the temptation, brought by the materialistic world they sell their body t印尼.香港.越南,抓姦o get what they want, but when he moved feeling or more greedy desires, they are trying to, regardless of the moral condemnation and legal restriction, to ask for what she want. If you are eager to return to your family and are determined to keep your marriage, but you are overwhelmed by the threat of mistress, and you want to get rid of mistress, but not lower your image in the heart of your wife. First, analyze all your temptations to the extramarital person. “Small three” nothing more than these kinds: map money, map name, map right, really love. Then follow these several situations to cut off the source of temptation, the general mistress will be aware of interest automatically leave, of course, if too fierce mistress, then you need to spend a little more thought. One, figure money this kind “small 3” it is better to solve really, the man needs sex, she needs material, everybody takes need. Want to separate, as long as give her a sum of money, basically will not pester. What I’m afraid of is the bottomless pit in the “mistress” who greedily deman離婚求償ds money, constantly seizing your fear of the deterrent force of your wife and the broken marriage, and then constantly exploiting you, which has actually constituted a crime of blackmail. You can trick her into thinking you want a divorce, get out of the house and be with her. If she is very scheming, want to see you end up in divorce and then plan, you really can’t stand, finally no way, you still to your wife frankly! Then strive for her forgiveness, to face together, only in this way you are likely to completely get rid of mistress entanglement, keep their marriage. If your wife is unwilling to forgive you for such sorrow and pain, please take care of yourself and bear the consequences of what you have planted. After all, you are the one who made the mistake and is not faithful to your marriage and family. Second, the name of this kind of “mistress” is probably some little famous stars or wild model, in a word, fame can bring them vanity and interests, so they are willing to sell themselves. This general break is also very easy, as long as you ha感情破壞ve no value to her, she will leave. The fear is that you want to break, but she does not want to break, she knows you still have value, also want to use you. You don’t have a relationship. They have proof that they can ruin your reputation and promote themselves at the same time. Unless you’re strong enough to cut off all of her resources, you probably won’t read this article. You can negotiate with her, present her with resources, and cut it off. They are only for fame, not for love, and they really won’t spend their youth hanging out with you. Moreover, when she destroys your reputation and family, she also destroys her public image. She doesn’t need to make such a sacrifice. Mainly look at the heart of the small three quality and emotional intelligence, afraid to encounter the kind of emotional instability, do not through the brain of the impulse Lord, at any time to a jade, then you grief! At this time, it’s better to confess to your wife and ask for her forgiveness. Even if you lose everything, you won’t lose your home. After all, the cup of hap感情挽回piness, once broken, can never be restored. There will still be cracks in the repaired family, which can only be healed slowly in the course of life and time. Three, chart right this kind of “small 3” be in officialdom and duty field commonly more! For status will be more concerned, vanity is stronger. In the self-statement of the mistress who had seen a graph before, she felt that her husband’s position/official position was too low. In order to let her husband’s position/official position keep rising, she took her own initiative and thought that she would pay great efforts to seduce her husband’s leadership to achieve her own goal. There is another kind of feeling that they suffer from contempt at the bottom, inferiority and insecurity in the heart, think that only by constantly climbing to a certain height will there be a sense of superiority, sense of existence and sense of security, so to do the leadership of the small three. If you encounter this type of mistress, we actually take what we need, and it’s not hard to get rid of it. The difficult 設計離婚problem that fears is to help husband upper position probably small 3 be punctured, the husband does not want her, she wants to report you. Or the mistress may be interested in the position of the main room and wants to seek it, so you are suffering from all kinds of threats. At such times, you can pretend to divorce your wife and get out of the house. What she wants is power. You have nothing. What else does she want? And the mistress that is abandoned by the husband is hard to say, it is the mistress oneself that bears the consequence of this kind of foolish behavior commonly finally. Four, really love this kind of small three may be moved feelings, be kept in the dark by the man is small three, until later when the realization of being small three found themselves have been reluctant to leave, so they will at the same time accept the torture of moral condemnation, at the same time more sink deeper, wrong-minded. Still have a kind is to know oneself is small 3 clearly, but because love really cannot extricate oneself, be willing to bend oneself to 第三者排除seek for perfection so, no matter which kind, in the final analysis, it is personality is not enough independence, and have unrealistic illusion. It was not difficult to get rid of such a thing, but to give her the cold shoulder. She will be wronged and hurt, but nothing else. This kind of person is the person that understands love actually, fell in love with the person that should not love regrettably. When they despair of this love, they turn away with wounds. Some net friends met this kind of small three, said the expression of the future is impossible, want to separate, small three always with death, no way, had to survive to maintain this kind of unhealthy extramarital relationship. Met repeatedly attempt suicide, in fact, a true love of small three, they cannot escape because they often because this affection have estrangement from his most close relatives, now you abandon her, she will feel nothing at all, can not find the meaning of live, because the pressure of reality and inner torment, they are more or less on the depression. The only way 感情諮商to get rid of this illicit relationship is through her family. No matter what the child did wrong, parents will choose to forgive, so you want to solve the fundamental problem, you have to go to the door, to solve the reasons for her deep heart despair. Postscript: whether to write this article, Beijing professional private detective struggled for a long time. First of all, I always think that whether pregnant cheating, long distance relationship cheating is an excuse, Ta just want to cheat, even without these objective conditions, Ta will cheat, in fact, is not love enough, or Ta actually love is their own. What makes us human, what makes us social, is that we have moral attributes, unlike ordinary animals. “A man can do something and do nothing”, if even this little desire can not be restrained, also take for a real man! Yes, this article is mainly written for men. I am struggling to write this article because there is another voice. First of all, morality can only be self-disciplined. Don’t judge others by your own yardstick. So I don’t know wheth尋人查址er I should write this article or not, and what kind of function and significance it has after writing it. I decided to write it because I thought “our job is to help other people’s marriage”. Of course, baoai Beijing professional private detective just hopes that those who still have conscience and sense of responsibility for the family can return to the family as soon as possible without causing too much harm to the innocent wife. In the face of “mistress”, you can only say “there must be something hateful for the poor people”, no one’s natural and unrestrained should be based on the pain of others, you think your own openness and happiness, can not be achieved by twisting the truth. Even if you are the “mistress”, you can not be justified to enter into other people’s marriage, found that after the realization should know how to turn back, rather than still stubborn, until the distortion of their own heart. With rao xueman’s words to do the end – grow up is accompanied by labor pains, pain, people grow up a little bit; No pain, stay in place, alway尋親s like a child!


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