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Playing online games to talk about a boyfriend worried about not reliable to find a “private detective” investigation of his woman was cheated of more than 80,000.

FCoin「交易即挖礦」的模式為何震撼了幣圈?Nanjing a woman because play network game to know a man, two people develop romantic relationship very quickly, but the woman does not trust to boyfriend, looked for a “private detective” to investigate boyfriend on the net again. Unexpectedly encountered cheater to set next chain however trap, was cheated 80 thousand multivariate alleged “detect cost”. Nanjing qinhuai police after 3 months of investigation, rushed to hunan will be the family fraud gang “guodan” all arrested. Reporter qin gongxuan net looks for “private detective” investigation male friend xiaomei this year many years old, at ordinary times not quite love to talk, but have a hobby, play network game namely. Love dozen net swims small plum, knew a male net friend through the game. The two quickly developed a romantic relationship, spending hours on the phone each day. Xiaomei immersed in the feeling of hot love, but she also knew that the network love is not reliable, she hoped that his object is a reliable person, but know each other so long, do not know each other’s real name, just know each other’s mobile phone number. Xiaomei worried about his true feelings and be cheated, so she had a brainwave, thought that he often see TV detective can investigate people, and then suddenly want to find a detective to look up what the boyfriend is. Xiao mei soon searched the Internet and found a “wang detective agency”, which claimed to be able to search all kinds of information, providing services such as copying Numbers, monitoring and gathering evidence. Xiaomei sees this office so powerful broad, oneself should check individual only very simple, then according to the number that reservation on the net dialed past. The other side received xiaomei warmly, claim xiaomei’s affair is very simple, need only 1500 yuan to be able to fix so, can know the n為何幣圈都用 Telegram?ame of the other side not only, job, connect the family relation of the other side to wait a circumstance to inform her all along the way. Hearing that the other party charge is cheaper than oneself think, then xiao mei holds the attitude that tries, remit 500 yuan deposit to the other party. After receiving the money, a man calling himself “inspector wang” called xiao mei to tell her to reply three days later. Three days later, xiao mei received a message on her mobile phone, saying that his information had been emailed to her computer. Xiaomei immediately opened the computer, login mailbox found this email, but the strange is that the mail is actually encrypted, need to extract the password. Xiaomei again find “wang inspector”, the other side claims that in addition to the 1,500 yuan fee to make up, also xiaomei pay a membership fee, this is equivalent to a deposit, return xiaomei after completing the transaction. Anxious to see the result, xiao mei remitted another 5,000 yuan without hesitation. As a result, xiao mei did not receive the withdrawal code, but was asked to trade face to face. February 20, xiaomei oneself drive to some university doorway and the other party undertake trade, did not think of the other party is two strong and strong man, sinister evil ground tells xiaomei they just came out from jail, help xiaomei run this thing to want good fee, one person 20 thousand, besides the thing handles the reward of 40 thousand yuan even. Xiao mei felt that both of them were not like a good man. Fearing that they would be hurt, she had to follow each other to the bank to transfer the money. After the incident, xiaomei also got the extraction code of the encrypted mail, but when I checked on the computer, I found that there was nothing in it. This small plum just knows him to be duped, oneself before虛擬貨幣中的法幣-USDT and after be cheated by this gang person 80 thousand multivariate. Xiao mei hurried to qinhuai police for help. “Detective” be caught scene attempt to destroy evidence of crime qinhuai police set up special case group in view of this case, discover through investigation, the money of xiaomei was transferred inside the bank card of many pieces of hunan, the place that takes money is in same city. Police immediately went to hunan to retrieve relevant information, through more than a month of work, successfully locked the number one suspect zhang. Through the investigation of the person that draw money, discovered another suspect liu mou of this case. Police on the two information network search, found that they have fraud. Through a period of time tracking investigation, the police found that the suspect zhang is mainly responsible for answering the phone, usually like to play mahjong with friends, and the suspect liu is a man, almost do not go out. In view of the above situation, the police divided into two arrest action team, two people arrested at the same time. In the arrest of zhang, police dressed up as the victim to call him, excuse the sound is too noisy, lure zhang out to answer the phone, and then the implementation of arrest. And be in charge of capture liu mou another group of people, then direct rush into liu mou home implement arrest. < / p > < p > in the arrest action let the police did not think of is, liu did not know from which received the wind, squatting in liu downstairs police found that liu is from upstairs to throw down the phone, and from time to time bank CARDS and computer memory out of the window. The police immediately broke into the door, will liu mou control, at the same time will be thrown from the floor of all things collected. Later, the two suspects were taken 加密貨幣交易所(Cryptocurrency Exchanges)賺多少?back to nanjing by qinhuai police. Cheater confessed: the whole family are engaged in fraud when two people confessed in the police station, they specialized in acting as fake detectives to make money. However, xiaomei was very persistent, so they flew to nanjing from hunan at their own expense and left 80,000 yuan in person. Zhang confessed that they were in fact a family fraud ring, his sister had been in prison for fraud, and he had been punished by the police for fraud. He confessed to the police that his father is a charlatan, “influenced” by his father also engaged in fraud in this line. The main reason why private investigators are chosen again and again to commit crimes is that the detective business is too hot and the victims are easy to be deceived. Police through the search suspect account found that the suspect’s money in and out of frequent, at least 100 people cheated. Police have frozen the suspect’s account, and compensation is under way. At present, the two suspects on suspicion of fraud and racketeering qinhuai police criminal detention, the case is further processing. At present, the investigation of relevant evidence in China is limited to the police and lawyers, while the investigation of private investigators is not protected by law, police said. And private investigator cannot register a company directly with this content, can register a company through other name only. Many people not only want to investigate other people’s privacy, but also want to use the evidence to litigate. According to relevant laws and regulations, the evidence provided by private detectives is not guaranteed in the legality of the procedure in the collection process, and the evidence produced in the judicial process may be excluded in court. Therefore, the police appeal to the public to treat private detecti幣安創辦人趙長鵬:首位登上 Forbes 封面的加密貨幣富豪!ves with caution.


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