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Private detective, wife and migrant worker passion broke his leg

www.daaidetective.comPrivate detective, wife and migrant worker passion broke a leg unexpectedly! The wife once was a long time do not go out of the female, the hobby after going to work is to play micro blog, watch TV. Many times I tried to persuade her not to stay at home all the time, but she said it was no fun to go out. This year the old woman seemed to be a different person. She would go to the park after an early dinner every day. As for me, I had the habit of playing mahjong in the evening, so I didn’t stay. One day when I came home after playing mahjong, my wife was sitting in the living room with four or five scars on her thigh that made me feel bad. My wife has always been a very careful person, and this explanation made me suspicious. This day evening, the wife still go to the park early to stroll, I to explore what, didn’t play mahjong, but choose to track wife, the wife took about half an hour in the park after, have a migrant worker to dress up handsome man appear in front of the wife,合法徵信社 see their chat way to know by no means just know. They met and talked for less than a minute. One by one they reached the most secluded part of the park, where the man quickly hugged the old woman in his arms. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I went up and knocked the man down. Then I took the old woman home. When I get home, I want my wife to give me an explanation, or divorce. It turned out that the wife met the man on weibo. The man, who was not a native, would write some sad words every day, which made the wife feel pity. At the beginning, they just wanted to comfort and chat with him. That means they had an affair from the first time she went to the park. The wife say later again won’t meet with her, return in front of my face deleted the other party of all contact information. I had no idea that an introverted old woman would do something so crazy. During this period, my wife also revealed to me that, with the marriage of so many years, I become more and more belly, let her a little bit can’t accept, the migrant workers’ capable figure also once let her fascinated, which heel which ah. I want a divorce now, but I don’t want my children to grow up in an incomplete family. Private detective reply blog friends: some people are mouth cheap, some people are behavior cheap, some people are mouth and behavior are cheap, one of the most dangerous is also behavior cheap, because the contrast is too big, let a person cannot defend against. Many people think that when the marriage progresses to a certain distance, they give up the care and supervision. At this time, the marriage often falls into a loophole, because not everyone has equal needs for marriage. It can be seen between the lines that you are not a family man. In the face of a wife who likes to stay at home, there is less communication between you. The power of the text is infinite, half an year of small talk, let the other party already put down the guard in the heart, so their first meeting also c什麼是徵信工作an want to know the old friend of many years, plus that male wife all the year round is not beside and his body line is sexy, natural meeting lets your wife hang shade 3 chi. Women want a figure just like men want a figure for women. More of us crave symmetry. Marriage resilience is also slightly fragile, any link may bring about marriage accidents. In the face of divorce or not, I think it is better to calm down a little, because your old woman has realized her mistake and she is very sincere in correcting it. In view of this, I hope you can forgive, and do two things: first, don’t be obsessed with the mahjong field all day, but to develop a kind of entertainment and the old woman are interested in, with children, a happy family that is good? Second, proper control diet, often carry out physical exercise, let you after marriage because of inertia and birth of the belly early disappear, on the one hand is to take care of the old woman’s vision, on the one hand is also for your ow徵信團隊介紹推薦n physical health.


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