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I suffered terribly after I became an official

區塊鏈相關問答I suffered terribly after I became an official. I have a very dishonored past, is the top three years of xiao SAN. 19 years old that year, as a result of young not sensible, be usual husband mature charm place absorb, muddle along did not do what should not do, did 3 times stream of people for him. At that time, his ex-wife did not divorce, I confessed that I used some little tricks to accelerate the disintegration of their marriage, finally wait for his ex-wife and his divorce, he did not forget to marry me. Early in the marriage, his ex-wife often called him to come over, the excuse is nothing more than the child was sick, the child missed his father, the child parents meeting these. I want to go with him, but the children and ex-wife are disgusted with me, I dare not go, he went to find ex-wife time I can only one person silently waiting at home. His ex-wife is not married from time to time, I know that woman is using his feelings for the children to find opportunities to get back together, but I have no way. I became more and more concerned and unbalanced. I would lose my temper when he went to see his ex-wife and children, and I would have more and more conflicts with hi區塊鏈的應用領域m. I used to have children from time to time, he said he wanted to take over and raise the children of his ex-wife, I do not agree. His child is twelve years old, a girl, by her mother instilled a lot of hostile thoughts towards me, I do not want to be close to her, not their own children, raised is also a white eyed Wolf. He spends more and more time visiting his ex-wife and children. At this rate, I am worried that they will remarry due to the children. Should I stop him from seeing his ex-wife and kids? What if we didn’t have kids from time to time? Should I agree that he wants his kids back from his ex-wife? Private detective reply: I once said “not all small three should play, not all the original match are wronged” such words, I do not know whether this micro blog let you think I understand. Small 3 all have the reason that become small 3, do small 3 to the girl to show understanding is not equal to support. I continue to believe that no matter how lacking in faith or moral decline, maintaining marriage stability or the desire of most people, advocating sexual liberation is only a temporary action, “hitting mistress” will always be the mainstream of society. In dwelling區塊鏈的發展前景 narrowness, the ending of haizao’s mistress dream is so bleak, and the scriptwriter is also to transmit this voice. I also wrote such a micro blog, “smart girls don’t do mistress, not smart girls can’t do mistress.” Clever girl does not do small 3, it is because do small 3 overflow risk, light criterion exhaustion youth is played for nothing by the person, heavy criterion is hit by original match street after losing one’s reputation is discarded. Few can become a positive, after becoming a positive can be very few happiness. Net friend asks me to do small 3 very easy, why to say not clever connect small 3 all can’t do? This truth is very simple, do small three is the purpose of the above, not smart girls beat the original match won’t win the man, not to do the positive position of course not small three. You were smart enough to break up the marriage. You’re lucky, too. He promised to marry you. You fall into the lucky category. According to your account, your husband values children very much. In the minds of those who value children, a marriage without children is not satisfactory. If you can’t have children of your own, marriage might be a real hassle. You are anxious to 區塊鏈系統的運行方式find a way to have a child of your own. I think you must have three stream of regret. Even if you have your own children, it is reasonable for him to go to see them. They are all his children. I understand your concern, but you can’t stop it, and you can’t. No one will agree with you not to let him go to see the children, since it is a father’s right and obligation, he will be looked down upon instead. All you can do is ask him to take pity on you, care about your feelings, reduce the number of visits, shorten the visit time and go back early. According to the age of the child, mom and dad divorce the child should be 9 years old, 9 years old children know a lot of things. Private investigators don’t need mom to instill hostility. His offer to have the child back was probably a simple one. The mother of 12 year old child is certainly not young also, can ex-wife give up? Assuming you don’t have a child and your ex-wife is willing to give up, I suggest you consider accepting the child. A husband will appreciate it if he accepts a child. It will reduce the amount of time he spends with his wife. There must be difficulties with your children, and you need time and love to overcome區塊鏈發展面臨的主要挑戰 their hostility.


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