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Female colleagues lured me into bed with my two older brothers in turn colleagues lured me into bed with my two older brothers in turn. I and her boyfriend in almost six years, including four years at university long distance relationships, was going to, to get married at the end of my family is not very good him, but I continue to insist, both parents meet for the first time last month about * * *, because the money didn’t wind up, then a series of unhappy things, from both parents don’t believe in each other’s family, in the words of my father: beginning is due to the money, now is not complete because of the money, to feel his personality has a problem. Personally, I don’t really mind, a lot of things are sister take independent, they let me break up, I was very angry to hear, but I later found out that was not my intention, now we barely made up, but my family don’t agree with, and there is time I feel very wonderful feelings have changed, listen to the friend say in a word, “in the longer together is not easy to get married”, we are sharing good, now too much better than before, but less near the heart. Every time he said something I think unreasonable, the beginning is very angry, after a while I persuaded myself that what he said is reasonable, I am wrong. Am I ever abnormal, in order to maintain this paragraph of affection I once did not know what is criterion, very painful! I hope you can help me. Private detective reply: men and徵信社服務項目 women get married, the biggest premise is that there is a huge love, each other is still in the state of not quite understand each other, love is more than the fascination, in such a situation, men and women will often because love each other, afraid of the other side and marry. But once a couple has been together for too long, and the more flaws they have in each other, the less they want to be in love. So, your friend says, “the more time you spend together, the less likely you are to get married.” In fact, this sentence is a common sense of love and marriage. However, love is the most ingenious thing in the world, there are no rules and logic to speak of. In the eyes of private detectiv警民徵信社BLOGe companies, the longer men and women get along with each other, the longer they go through the period of passionate love and run-in, and then they face the ideal, and then they choose to get married when the love turns into the turning point of family affection, and then the marriage life is the best and stable. As a result, no love is not converted into affection. Sooner or later to face the problem, early detection, early treatment, than found not to deal with, much better. Additional, love is the thing of two people, marriage is the thing of two families, so, in each other fall in love can get married cent, you and male friend also want to rise the effect that both sides parents mediate徵信社案例s to get along.


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